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Making the most of Hinkley Point

We can help you maximise the opportunities that Hinkley Point C (HPC) is bringing to the region.

Weston College is working closely with EDF Energy and companies across the West of England to make sure that businesses are prepared for the challenges and opportunities they will face throughout the project.

Hinkley Point will require a lot of skills. Although construction and engineering will be at the forefront of the development, there are many other skills and disciplines which will be needed. These include: business development and management, health and safety, administration, facilities management (including security and cleaning), and project management.

It will have an impact on all types of businesses. The massive amount of labour required for the development will affect many local and regional businesses. It’s estimated that at least 25,000 jobs will be created in the region and the influx of people will have a knock-on effect which will be seen by many sectors - in particular the service industries. There will be a boost to retail, transport, distribution, hospitality and catering, and many other businesses - which we are hoping to prepare local companies and organisations for.

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Training we offer businesses

Whether you are looking to upskill or reskill your workforce, Weston College has a variety of training options in place to support you. These include:

Flexible and bespoke training solutions. We provide a range of learning programmes designed to suit individual business needs, including work-based learning, blended learning, as well as fast-track routes for those with existing skills and experience.

Apprenticeships. We offer a variety of apprenticeships from intermediate to degree-level, which will help provide your business and the learner with the skills needed for the HPC build and day-to-day operation. See our apprenticeships page for further information.

Recruitment. Our recruitment team has extensive public/private sector experience and can help to develop job descriptions, manage and sift applications and support the recruitment process, all free of charge. See our apprenticeships page for more information.

Sector Based Work Academies (SBWA) and Sector Based Training Academies (SBTA). SBWAs and SBTAs are available to cater for individual employer’s needs and/or the needs of a group of businesses. This bespoke training can be centred on a particular topic or identified sector need and can both complement and enhance other forms of training.

Hinkley Point Training Agency (HPTA). ​HPTA has been set up to help meet the skills need of HPC. It will act as a single skills voice for HPC (adding value to the work of existing skills bodies) and skills brokerage service, including backfilling.

Weston College has strong links to HPTA and the HPC Jobs Service, so will be able to promote Hinkley vacancies, match suitable candidates for jobs and help businesses to backfill vacancies.

Support we offer businesses

In addition to training and recruitment, the College, along with other partners, is able to offer business support ( and signposting to services such as the Hinkley Supply Chain Portal.

If you need more information on our apprenticeships, business support, or have specific requirements in mind, we’d be happy to help. Just tell us what you’re looking for in the contact form below, and we’ll do the rest for you.

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