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Added value services for your staff

We're here to provide your employees with full support, to help fulfil their potential and ensure they are happy during their time at College.

At Weston College, students have access to state-of-the-art facilities. We have already invested many millions of pounds and plan to continue this investment to enrich this excellent venue for study, learning and importantly fun!

For the duration of their course your staff will benefit from being a Weston College student with access to many of the facilities and services that we provide for all of our students. These include our driving school, sports and welfare facilities.

Careers advice

Weston College is able to offer independent, impartial information and advice on learning and work with access to a wide range of information about careers and the job market.

Our expert advisers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and totally impartial, and they can help to empower your staff to make your career and learning choices.

Staff development planning

Our business advisors regularly work closely with our clients to produce staff development or CPD plans at either the individual staff member or whole organisation level.

Redundancy support Link to ‘Options if you’re unemployed’

Businesses need to change and develop to respond to changing market demand and this may mean restructuring and changing your business. This may lead to the need to re-train or make people redundant. Weston College can work with you in a number of ways to reduce the impact of these changes to your staff.

Work experience and temporary employment

Whatever the size or capabilities of your business, taking students on work experience or as temporary staff could pay dividends. Students can offer many qualities to your organisation and can offer fresh new ideas or develop projects that the company just hasn't had time to carry out.

By offering students a period of work experience, your business will gain new ideas and fresh enthusiasm, as well as a cost-effective flexible solution to your recruitment needs as this temporary recruit may become a permanent employee in the future. Additionally, companies participating in education-business link activities have found that such activities increase the motivation of their employees.

Work experience

Students looking for work experience are seeking for the opportunity to develop the skills they need for the world of work often as part of a College course. Periods of work experience can vary from a few days to a few weeks.

How to get the right person

Think through what you need the student to do. This task will normally require specialist knowledge or skills which are not currently present within your organisation. Be clear about the objectives of the job you want them to do and use them to discuss the job.

Put them through the same selection process as any other prospective employee. An investment of your time now will be worth it.

How can the College help me find this person?

Through Training Solutions, we can promote the work experience and temporary employment opportunities that you are able to offer to our current students as well as our highly successful courses for those under threat of redundancy and short to medium term jobseekers.

Bespoke training

We are continually expanding our range of work-based qualifications to respond to emerging business needs. However, if your business has a specific need we can adapt or completely tailor make a programme to suit your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss how we can address your needs.

01934 411 594

Promoting your business in the College

Weston College offers many different ways of marketing your organisation, people and opportunities to our staff and students. Events such as enrolment week, open evenings, careers fairs and student awards evenings are all direct marketing opportunities available to you.

Weston College is growing and investing heavily in providing the very best facilities for its students and partners. You may also wish to consider sponsoring equipment at some of our new facilities.

Organisations are also welcome to sponsor particular services and key publications, which will be of benefit to you, the college and the students.

For further details on sponsorship opportunities please contact us by telephone 01934 411 431 or email georgia.sketchley@weston.ac.uk

For further details of the range of Business Services and bespoke solutions available for businesses, please download our business brochure here.

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