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Work-based traineeships

A traineeship is a course designed to prepare young people aged 16-24 for their future career.

Traineeships logoFor businesses, traineeships are a way to source new talent and get to know the trainee before potentially offering them an apprenticeship or a job. They enable your business to create a pool of talent that could be used to source future employees of your company.

For the trainees themselves, traineeships are a valuable opportunity to enter into an industry and gain the skills that employers are looking for when recruiting apprentices or employees.

Traineeships last up to 16 weeks and involve a high-quality work placement within your business, work preparation training conducted by Weston College (which involves interview support, help with applications and CV creation, team building and confidence development), plus English, maths and IT support if required.

The traineeship ends with a mock-interview conducted at your business, plus feedback about their performance.

There is no obligation for your business to hire a trainee after the course has finished, however most of the businesses we work with decide to progress their successful trainees onto apprenticeships - where we can create bespoke training programmes to address your business’ skills needs.

If an apprenticeship isn’t available at the end of the traineeship, we’ll work with the trainee to give them meaningful feedback to help them secure an apprenticeship or employment in the future.

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Benefits of traineeships for employers

Most businesses have the ability to offer a traineeship. Almost any workplace could offer a traineeship and they are very flexible programmes, which means we can work with your business to design a traineeship which suits your company’s needs.

Traineeships allow you to select the best apprenticeship candidates. Many of our former traineeship students progress onto an apprenticeship programme, which means that traineeships can be an excellent way to recruit and train young people to work within your company with the specific skills and abilities that your business requires.

They have a positive impact on the next generation of workers. Pledging to offer a traineeship placement helps a young person to enter the workforce, and teaches them the skills they need to become your ideal employee. Not only does this improve their chances of becoming employed, but it helps you grow your business in a positive way.

You can improve your employees’ mentoring skills. Traineeships are a great way to improve your current employees’ mentoring and management skills. Assigning a member of staff as a mentor for your trainee will help them develop their leadership skills, so you can give them experience that will help them manage staff members in the future.

It’s a cost-effective way of recruiting new talent. Because traineeships are fully funded by the Government, you won’t have to pay for your trainee’s course. On top of this, there are no requirements for you to pay your trainee for their work, however most of the businesses we work with offer a small salary to their trainees.

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