Staying safe on campus 

Weston College is committed to providing a safe environment for all employees, learners, visitors and anyone else likely to be affected by college activities. 

Your child’s safety is paramount to us which is why we expect all learners to visibly wear their college ID badge with them at all time whilst they are on college premises. 

Staff and visitors are required to wear ID badges at all times whilst on campus. If a learner forgets their ID badge then can pick up a one-day temporary badge from their campus reception that must be returned at the end of the day. If an ID badge is lost, then a replacement can be supplied for a small fee. It is important that learners keep their ID badge safe as lost cards are an identity theft and security risk. 

It is the duty of everyone at college to behave in ways that ensure the health, safety or welfare of themselves and others. All learners are, at induction, provided with information about the College’s behaviour policy and safeguarding procedures, as well as being informed of their responsibility to act in a safe and appropriate manner at all times. For further information please click here to access all Weston College policies. 

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