Reporting an absence

If you are going to be absent from College for whatever reason it is important that you let us know.

Faculty of Business, Enterprise and Service Industries

Call us: 01934 411 567

Text us: 07910 686 628

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Faculty of Creative Arts

Call/Text us: 01934 411 669

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Faculty of Inclusive Practice

Call/Text us: 01934 411 697

South West Skills Campus

Call/Text us: 01934 411 792

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Advanced Engineering and Computing

Call us: 01934 411 194

Email us:

Technology, Engineering and Construction

Call/Text us: 01934 411 792

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Faculty of Education, Health and Lifestyle

Call/Text us: 01934 411 520

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Sixth Form

Call/Text us: 01934 411 666

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Marketing Permissions

Once we have responded to your initial enquiry we would love to keep you informed of other, similar courses you may be interested in via email.

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