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Offering Industry Placements and Work Experience

Industry placements and work experience is vital to prepare young people for the world of work.

Weston College's courses are part of a 'study programme' that is designed to prepare young people for their future career.Employer-led involvement is the essential ingredient in developing skills that will make students work-ready.

Work experience is also an opportunity for employers to source new talent and develop your future workforce.

Work experience can:

  • Provide a talent pipeline to develop and inspire the next generation
  • Be a cost effective way of recruiting new talent
  • Provide an opportunity to support young people to gain the skills employers want
  • Help to bridge the gap between education and employment
  • Re-address an ageing workforce
  • Plug skills gaps
  • Contribute to sustainable employment
  • Develop your current staff's mentoring skills.

Our students need high quality placements that are tailored to meet the needs of the business and the skills development of the individual.

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The benefits of work experience for employers

There are many benefits to employers who offer work experience programmes, all of which can give your organisation the edge in a hugely competitive world.

New skills

Bringing young people into your business is a great way to gather new ideas and find out new perspectives. Young people can provide insights into the market, support with new technology, and offer a different viewpoint to existing staff.


Work experience of all kinds provides flexibility that employers may find difficult to deliver with traditional staffing methods. The placement can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, and have the flexibility to support different areas of the business during times of increased workload.

Reducing your recruitment costs

Work experience provides an excellent opportunity to lower recruitment costs, and enables your business to engage with the workforce of the future. Many employers we work with use work experience as a way to meet young people that could go on to become apprentices, or to see if an apprentice is suitable for their business.

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Developing your current staff

Work experience provides an opportunity for existing staff to coach and mentor new talent. This in turn allows permanent staff to gain management experience and possibly take the next step in their career progression.

Low-cost staffing

Work experience is a voluntary placement, as the focus is on development of meaningful skills.

Assessing your candidates' suitability

Work experience provides a fantastic opportunity to assess whether a candidate fits into your organisation. You can use work experience before offering a job, or use it as a progression route towards employment in your business.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Offering work experience of all kinds provides a great way to meet CSR targets by engaging with young people and providing them with valuable experience in a professional environment.


There is no obligation for your business to hire a trainee after the course has finished. However, most business we work with decide to consider a progression pathway into apprenticeships or employment.

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