Offering Industry Placements and Work Experience

A student's study programme is designed to prepare young people for their future career. Employer-led involvement is the essential ingredient in making students work-ready. 

Our newly formed team of designated Work Placement Officers help and support all employers throughout students' work placements. The team will match talented individuals with your organisation, and offer support, advnce and guidance to all employers to ensure that placements are successful for all stakeholders. 

Industry placements and work experience:

  • Provides a talent pipeline to develop and inspire your future workforce
  • Plugs skills gaps
  • Is an opportunity to support learners in gaining the skills employers want
  • Helps to bridge the gap between education and employment
  • Contributes to sustainable recruitment and employment
  • Develops existing staff through mentoring and gives them an opportunity to share skills and knowledge with your future workforce.
Work experience
Industry placements

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